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Log2Log Chat Log Converter v0.0.1a1 released at

Deltik is finally ready to present:
... an online service that converts uploaded chat logs to another format and returns the new format to the user.

Before You Even Think About Using It
You probably can't, at least not as of this post, 21 March 2011. Log2Log is on version 0.0.1a1, which is a very early development release. There are bound to be problems and bugs everywhere. We have acknowledged many of them and would like to fix them, but we're quite excited to get the first release of Log2Log out to you.

Why We Made Log2Log
Alright, everybody! Storytime!

I, Deltik, love to use Meebo as my mobile Internet messenger. Meebo isn't "good", in my opinion, but one thing that made me choose Meebo over other services was that it has the ability to store chat logs. Now, don't argue "But IM+ saves chat logs too!". Firstly, back then, IM+ didn't save chat logs. Secondly, Meebo didn't cost me a penny. Anyway, I used Meebo often.

Over time, I became increasingly concerned that Meebo did not have a feature to download chat logs. As a personal data hog, I urgently need to have my chat logs with me where I can protect them from harm. Finally, one day, 21 November 2010 at 09:52 PM, I contacted Meebo support to request a feature that had been requested plenty of times before

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